Current limitations of traditional proton therapy systems

Whilst great advances have been made in radiation therapy, great challenges and unmet needs remain. The use of protons to treat cancer has been limited by two factors - the massive size of the machines needed to accelerate the protons to their killing speed and the cost of the bunkers to house the equipment over 3 stories tall.This explains why there are only 65 proton therapy centres worldwide in, or very shortly due to be in, operation, as of July 2017.

This is why at Advanced Oncotherapy we want to remain on the leading edge of proton therapy treatment and we are committed to developing new and improved treatment options that give hope for a majority of patients, not a minority. For these reasons, the Advanced Oncotherapy team is committed to develop the new generation of proton therapy system, a much smaller and significantly less expensive system.

Size of a gantry vs. a school bus

Our ground breaking proton radiation system

With our new LIGHT system, Advanced Oncotherapy is leading the new wave of proton therapy. 

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Development progress

We are following a clear path to meet our strategic objectives and deliver our first LIGHT machine as quickly as possible.

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